The moment of pure panic when accidentally activating Siri in a quiet place


Childish Gambino- Fuck It All

Friends of mine are over it, people say I changed
And I tell them that I’m glad, cause I don’t wanna stay the same
Cause I used to be poor, I used to be unconfident
I used to hate these haters, now it’s just the opposite
Not only have I changed, I’m becoming something better
And revenge is for the weak, so I have settled my vendettas


people who hate on flannel are not worth your time, you OWN that lumberjack look and chop down the haters


only punks can see this reblog if youre a punk

I believe the first draft of a book — even a long one — should take no more than three months…Any longer and — for me, at least — the story begins to take on an odd foreign feel, like a dispatch from the Romanian Department of Public Affairs, or something broadcast on high-band shortwave duiring a period of severe sunspot activity.
Stephen King (via observando)